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ONEPan AB protects your personal integrity when you use our services. We have a detailed policy which explains how we treat and protect your personal information. This policy may be changed at any time, so be sure to always be updated to any changes. The latest version of this privacy policy is always available at

This privacy policy is only applicable to our online services.


ONEPan AB is data controller of the treatment of your personal data and is therefore responsible to make sure that your data is treated within applicable law.


The personal data collected, will stay within Europe and EES. We will not share your personal data to any third-party, except in situations when it is obliged by law. ONEPan AB can also share your personal data in situations stated below in this Privacy policy.


We collect and store such information about you that you yourself share with us, such as name, address, sex, birthdate (in Sweden personnummer), email and phone number and information about how you want to be contacted by us (via email and/or text message).

We also collect information at purchase and browsing of our website such as electronic identity, information about purchased goods, price, date and store of the purchase and any returns. If you participate in an event or contact us, we also collect your personal data regarding this.

In Sweden, we collect and automatically update your address information via registration.


We use your personal data for the following uses:

  • To confirm your identity
  • To confirm your identity, we sometimes have to “PERSONNUMMERSÄTTA” your address, this is done with a affirmed supplier of these services.
  • Handle your orders and returns
  • Contact you with delivery information or if a problem occurs with delivery of products.
  • Contact you when your order is collectable
  • Answer your questions by email or customer service
  • Analysis and segmenting for aimed/directed
  • Mailings of general information and directed messages (via email, text message or social media)
  • Inform about events
  • Invite to events
  • Confirmation of age when ordering online (18 years)
  • Send polls in which you can affect our campains and services
  • Test and improve our system, providing services
  • Prevent scams and/or missuse of our services
  • For you to participate in competitions



We will not store your personal data for a longer period than what is necessary to fulfill the purpose which is named above or for as long as we are guilty to store your personal data by law. Thereafter your data will be erased. Invoices are stored and saved in accordance to the law.


At any point in time, you can recall or change the consent you left or abrupt continuing campaigns via, customer service or the mailings you’ve received.

Once a year at any time, you can require details for free about what personal data is stored with us, the purpose of this, how they are treated and from where they’ve been collected. Requiring of these details has to be in writing and sent to our customer service at the address below.

If you consider that the personal data which ONEPan AB has been treated wrong or in conjunction of the law, you have the right to ask that it is being corrected, blocked or removed. You do this either through or emailing

We can deny your request of removing data if there are legal obligations which hinder us from removing such details immediately (i.e the law about accounting). It can also be so that the handling is necessary for us to confirm, claim or defend legal claims. ONEPan AB has the right by law, to store your personal data even though you demanded them to be removed.

You also have the right to require the treating of your data to be limited. This can for example be that we limit the use to control that your data is correct. Or that we decide that we will no longer store your data for the purposes we determined but that you want us to store your personal data to claim or defend legal claims. This means we cannot erase your personal data until you tell us to do so.

You can also object any use of your personal data which are based on a conflict of interest.

You have the right to demand to have your data transferred to another personal data controller. This has to be made possible technically and automated.

If you consider that we have treated your personal data in a wrongful manner, you have the right to file a complaint to the Data inspection which is the regulator.


Your personal data will not be transferred or sold to a third party for advertising purposes. Your personal data can however, be shared to a third party if it is necessary to provide you with services, for example delivery companies to handle the transportation of ordered products and for analysis of your personal data for distribution of campaigns. In the countries where it is possible, your personal data can also be shared to a third party in order to update name and address via registration or other public registers.

The companies we use are contracted by us, therefore they are only allowed to use the personal data we share with them in compliance with our instructions and guidelines. We have the legal responsibility for the handling of the data within our service-companies.


ONEPan AB take action technically and organizational acts of security obliged by law to ensure that your personal data is not manipulated, being lost or erased or that unauthorized persons access them. Our security routines change aligned with the technical evolution.

All transactions processed through the website where your personal data is used, is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).


A cookie is a small piece of data, sent from a website and stored locally in the visitors web browser while browsing a website. When the visitor visits the same website again, data saved by the cookie can be brought up and notify the website of the visitors earlier activities.

We use cookies to optimize analyses of traffic on and create a better user-environment. This can mean that we save information about the visitors choice of country, information about earlier visits on and which pages has been visited on If you want to read more about cookies you can do so here:

When you visit you will have the choice to accept the use of cookies. By accepting the use of cookies on, you accept that we collect information of your visits with the help of cookies. If you do not accept the use of cookies in this way you should change your browsers settings to not allow cookies. You can also at any time choose to remove cookie-files placed in your browser. Note: If you do not allow cookies, you will not be able to shop via our webshop.


This types of cookie is obligatory. Websites and their functions demands them to work as intended. Without these cookies you cannot shop from our webshop. These cookies help enhance the webpages user-friendliness and performance and enable different functions.


This type of cookies collect information about how you use websites. Customization cookies helps us to identify particularly popular sections of our website. Thereby we can customize the information on our website so that it better suits your needs, which gives a more user-friendly experience. Information collected with this type of cookie is not tied to a certain person.


This type of cookie comes from a third party, such as social media. They are used mainly to integrate content from social media, such as social plugins or analytics (i.e Google Analytics).


This cookie is used to collect information about how our visitors use our website. Data is collected anonymously and reports are made about how many visitors we have, the time they spend and which pages has been visited. For more information about Googles privacy policy, click the following link:


On there can be links to external websites. Theses are not included in this policy. ONEPan AB take no responsibility of the content on the websites linked from

When it comes to photos on Instagram that you tag with any of ONEPan AB hashtags (which ONEPan AB posts on their website and on social media from time to time), these photos will be reviewed and verified before we publish them on our website. By tagging a photo in compliance with the instructions on the website, you comply that ONEPan AB can post your photo in our channels.


If you have any questions about how we handle your personal data or wish to porter your data, you contact When it comes to handling of personal data you can also speak to the Datainspection, which are the regulators for this handling.


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This policy is valid from 2020-05-02.