Deep tray

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With Deep Tray you get a perfect roasting in no time. This is because the aluminium alloy has a unique ability to absorb heat. The short cooking time gives the food a nice surface, retains more nutrition, stays juicy and keeps more taste in all ingrediences. At the same time the high temperature makes the surface crispy and golden brown underneat. The tray also gives fantastic results when baking.

Place it on a regular grill in the oven.

Available in the following sizes:

Small            325 x 177 x 60 mm
Medium        325 x 265 x 60 mm
Large            325 x 354 x 60 mm

Deep Tray is perfectly suited for:

Baking of lasagna and gratin

Cooking meat, fish, chicken or vegetarian

Roasting of vegetables, potatoes and other root vegetables

Baking of bread, ex. foccacia and sponge cake and other pastries consisting of dough or batter.


Large, Medium, Small