Most frequent questions and answers

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ONEPan is made out of recycled aluminium and stainless steel, with no poisonous substances.
The coating is a highly technical ceramic coating without PFAS-substances and dangerous plastics.

The Food Administration does not warn about cooking on an aluminium product with a protective coating, which we have.

Then you should avoid or store sour foods to be entierly sure. But the Food Administration states that cooking directly on aluminium is not enough to go above guidelines. The risk is enhanced mostly when storing.

Every batch of aluminium is tested and cleansed before production. We have certificates from every batch. The tests are done in a Swedish laboratory.

It is an organic composition of sand and silicon. Totally harmless and tested and approved in the EU and USA.

They are mixed with a mineral that makes the ability to lead heat extreme. This makes it possible to fry or grill food directly in the oven. It also speeds up the process of cooking anything in the oven.

By hand or dishwasher is fine. For longest durability, hand wash is preferable.