Tareq is one of Swedens most eminent chefs.

Tareq has had one of Malmö’s most known cafés – Slottsträdgårdens kafé and before that Trappa ner. Today he is running the restaurant Kockeriet in Malmö, Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Stockholm together with the chef-colleague Paul Svensson. Tareq has engaged in a topic close to his heart, to create better food for people through Maten é klar. In the kitchen in Lund they’re producing dishes that will give a greater experience with food cooked from scratch with 100% natural raw material.

He has been seen in the appreciated tv-shows Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery (BBC/TV4), Trädgårdstider (SVT) and Lyckomaten (SVT). Tareq won Kockarnas kamp 2017 (TV4) and the same year, he recieved the award of Malmö’s best ambassador. He cooked for the cast of Stjärnorna på slottet (SVT) 2018 and 2019. Tareq has written many cookbooks and can often be seen doing lectures and temporary appearances around the country.

Tareq has a passion for cooking, ecology and cultivation. With his knowledge, humor and charisma he has reached peoples hearts and sparked new life into the art of cooking.